Small Business Loan Programs

108 Loan and Micro Loan Programs For Atlantic City and Portions of Atlantic County

Loans Administered Under the Small Business Loan Programs

Staff Contact

Program Administrator for Housing Rehabilitation
Joseph J. Giralo

Executive Assistant/Office Administrator
Lisa Duffner

Landsman Uniforms, Inc.

Landsman Uniforms, Inc. is a family-owned uniform and embroidery store. Its customers are in the medical, law enforcement, fire department, and restaurant fields. The company wanted to expand their business and, with the assistance of the Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA), they constructed an 8,600 square foot building in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  They also received funding assistance with a working capital loan from the Section 108 Loan Program.

Landsman Uniforms Store Front
Landsman Uniforms - Inside of Store

Atlantic City Marine Center LLC d/b/a JMS Marine Services

Josh Starkman, Owner – Atlantic City Marine Center, LLC, d/b/a JMS Marine ServicesJMS Marine Services is a mobile marine repair service that provides tune-ups and maintenance on boats.  They make gas and diesel repairs, as well as electrical diagnosis, and provide winterization, detailing and painting.  The ACIA assisted this company with a working capital loan so they could purchase equipment for their ever-expanding business.  

Leprechaun Lawn Care

Leprechaun Lawn Care is a business that provides lawn care, landscape design, snow removal and brickwork to its customers.  During Hurricane Sandy, the company lost much of its equipment due to the storm. The ACIA was able to administer a working capital loan through the Section 108 Loan Program, and the loan funds were then used to purchase new equipment for this business.

SC Consultant, LLC

SC Consultant, LLC is a medical billing and coding company, who was looking to expand their business.  The ACIA was able to provide assistance by administering a working capital loan to them.  SC Consultant, LCC used the funds to hire new employees and purchase additional equipment for their business.

Thunderbolt Software, LLC

Thunderbolt Software, LLC creates and engineers systems software.  They also provide consulting work to government agencies and operate a commercial logistic business.  The ACIA assisted this growing business by administering 108 Loan Funds, which was used to purchase machinery and equipment.  Funds were also used to assist with construction on Thunderbolt’s office fit-out.

Callazzo Properties, LLC

Callazzo Properties, LLC is a real estate firm that purchased numerous properties on Tennessee Avenue in Atlantic City. The company plans to revitalize the street into a bustling neighborhood featuring restaurants, special attractions, and renovated apartments.  The ACIA administered loan funds to assist them with the acquisition of real estate, as well as soft costs, and the purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

North Carolina Parking Associates, LLC

North Carolina Parking Associates, LLC wanted to renovate an older building which sits on a parking lot that they own, located in Atlantic City. The renovation would include accommodating a food trailer where food and drinks would be sold.  They also needed to purchase food-preparation equipment. The ACIA was able to assist this business by administering a Section 108 Business Loan for soft costs and the renovation of the building, as well as the purchase of a food trailer.