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NEW COVID-19 Assistance

The Authority will be administering two COVID-19 Economic Injury Programs

Forgivable Business Loan Program

Rental/Mortgage Assistance Program

Due to COVID-19 concerns, no applications or  supporting documents will be accepted in person.  To quicken the submission and review of your application, it is highly suggested that you use  the application portal available on this website.  You can find the registration links below.
If for some reason you cannot use the application portal, the applications and supporting documents may be mailed to:

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority
C/O Community Development Office
1333 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 700
Atlantic City, NJ 08401    

Submitting the application and supporting documentation by mail will cause a delay in the processing of your application.  Funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis determined by the submission of a full and complete application and all necessary supporting documents. 

CDBG-CV Short Term Emergency
Rental and Mortgage Assistance Grant Program


The CDBG-CV Short Term Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance Grant Program will provide temporary rental and mortgage assistance, for up to six months, to low- and moderate-income households that have had a substantial reduction in income or became unemployed due the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants may be eligible for a grant for a maximum of up to six months of emergency rental or mortgage assistance. The assistance, per month for rental assistance and mortgage assistance, will be capped at DCA’s fair market rent standard or the total of the rent or mortgage payment, whichever is lesser. The maximum amount of assistance available per rental household is $10,000 throughout a period of six months.   All participants will be reviewed at the three-month interval to see if they are still in need of assistance. Persons applying must meet all applicable program income and eligibility requirements.

The program will be administered by the Atlantic County Improvement Authority under the direction of the Executive Director, John Lamey.


Current annualized household income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for Atlantic County for the size of the applicant household.

# of Household Members 80% of Median Income
1 Person $46,450.00
2 Persons $53,100.00
3 Persons $59,750.00
4 Persons $66,350.00
5 Persons $71,700.00
6 Persons $77,000.00
7 Persons $82,300.00
8 Persons $87,600.00


Prohibition on Duplication of Benefits

Applicants must disclose other local, state and federal rental/mortgage assistance received. These benefits will be taken into consideration when determining the amount that will be provided to the applicant for rental or mortgage assistance.

Evidence of Financial Hardship Due to COVID

Applicants will be required to document financial hardship due to COVID-19.

Rental or Mortgage Assistance Available

These funds are intended to be emergency assistance.

  • Applicants without housing costs in arrears can apply for the cost of one month of housing only, starting with current month’s housing costs.
  • Applicants with housing costs in arrears may apply (in one application) for assistance for multiple past months beginning March 1, 2020, as well as for the current month’s housing cost.
  • If funds are available, applicants can submit a re-application for assistance in subsequent months for up to six months.

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CDBG-CV Economic Injury Loan Program
Application for Business Assistance

CDBG-CV COVID -19 Business Assistance Deferred,
Forgivable Loan Program

The purpose of this program is to provide short-term, forgivable working capital loans intended to assist viable businesses in recovering from revenue losses and increased expenses resulting from Social Distancing requirements and mandated restrictions and limitations to normal operating procedures imposed in response to the Corona Virus.

Program Description

Loans will be made up to $25,000 at 3% interest and require personal guarantees by all owners with a 20% or greater share of the business. Principal and Interest will be deferred for a period of two years at which time the loan will be forgiven provided the company remains in business.

Should the company cease operations at any time prior to two years of the original disbursement of funds the loan will enter immediate repayment status. Accumulated interested will be added to the principal amount borrowed, and the principal plus accumulated interest will be amortized with monthly payments due over a five-year period at 3%.
The Coronavirus crisis and the disruption of business revenues and potential of job loss serves as the purpose of this grant program. The business must submit a statement of Coronavirus business disruption and/or revenue loss and explain how the CDBG assistance will be used to maintain the employment of existing employees.

Part One: Working Capital for Payroll, Rent and Overhead

Program Objective: Avoid job loss due to business closures related to social distancing requirements by providing short term working capital assistance to enable the retention and/or creation of jobs held by or made available to low- and moderate-income persons. For example, mandated restrictions on pre-pandemic levels of operations such as

  1. Closures or reductions in business hours of operation,
  2. Capacity limits on the number of patrons inside the place of business at any particular time (i.e. restaurants at 25% of capacity), and
  3. Reductions in levels of service

Reimbursement and advances are based on payroll records, rent and overhead expenses. The amount is determined based on working capital required to keep current staff employed or reemploy employees laid off as a result of the crisis.

Part Two: Cost Reimbursement for Equipment, Materials and Supplies

Objective: Assist in the retention and/or creation of jobs held by or made available to low and moderate income persons by providing reimbursement for costs incurred in the purchase and installation of equipment, materials and supplies, and/or the reconfiguring of work spaces to prevent the spread of infectious disease by establishing protocols for safe business operations.
For example

  1. Restaurants purchase of tents, tables, and safety barriers to accommodate outdoor dining,
  2. Costs incurred to reconfigure worksites to accommodate social distancing,        
  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE) purchases for employee and customer safety.

Application Fee of $200.00 -Checks should be mailed to:
Atlantic County Improvement Authority,
1333 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 700,
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Attn: Lisa Duffner

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